As a young woman growing up, I've always had a passion for shoes. I had to have all the latest and greatest shoes that were in stores as well as online. I remember getting my first job, I spent my very first paycheck on shoes, the entire thing on shoes!" 

I have yet to come across a woman who doesn't have a love for shoes. Today, you can catch me rocking a pair of sneakers to a pair of heels. What I have on my feet all depends on the mood I'm in or what kind of day it is. Now, as an adult and a lover of shoes I decided to put together an online shoetique where the everyday woman can find the latest trending footwear.

Striving to give you a good quality product and variety. Our customer service will exceed all others. As a believer of making a statement, trust me any shoe purchased from LOVELYSHOETIQUE will make a great buy. We want our "LOVELY LADIES" to feel confident and walk with their heads held high.Whether it's a night on the town or dressing it down: EVERY WOMAN WANTS A LOVELY SHOE!